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Gible is a Dragon/Ground type Pokémon that later evolves into Gabite, then into Garchomp. When you first encounter Gible in Wayward Cave B1F, he is level 15-17. He is not difficult to catch, but since he resides in a cave, a Dusk Ball is a good choice. Dusk Balls can be purchased in Solaceon Town, Pastoria City and Celestic Town. An Ultra Ball is another good choice if you don't have a Dusk Ball. Ultra Balls can be purchased after you beat the the Pastoria City Gym.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo DS Pokémon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum
  • Start the game and begin your adventure. Be sure to talk to everyone in the game by pressing the A button when you encounter them. They give you clues about features of the game as well as what actions you should take.

  • Battle and beat the Oreburgh Gym Leader, Roark, when you arrive in Oreburgh City. He has Rock and Ground type Pokémon, which are weak against Grass, Water and Fighting types.

  • Travel back to Jubilife City using the Oreburgh Gate passage. In the Gate, collect the TM Flash, which is accessible now that Roark has given you the ability to use the HM Rock Smash outside of battle.

  • Go to Floraroma town after Jubilife City and make your way to Eterna City.

  • Battle and beat the Eterna City Gym Leader, Gardenia. She has Grass type Pokémon that are weak against Fire, Ice and Flying types.

  • Go to the Galactic Eterna Building now that Gardenia has given you the ability to use the HM Cut outside of battle. You will also need to use Cut to get to Gible later on.

  • Free the bicycle shop owner from the Galactic building and then go to the bicycle shop in Eterna to pick up your bicycle. You will need this to get to where Gible is located.

  • Use the bicycle and ride south from the Eterna city Pokémon Center to reach the Cycling Road. You can only travel on this road with a bicycle. Be sure your Pokémon are all healthy because you will battle many other cyclists on the road as you travel to the other end.

  • Exit the building at the end of the Cycling Road and go to the right and up, through the grass, crossing a wooden bridge. You will need to use the move Cut to remove some saplings blocking the way.

  • Continue north, passing a honey tree, then four rocks and two regular trees. You will need to battle a lot of wild Pokémon during this journey, including Geodude, Ponyta, Gligar, Machop, Kricketune and Zubat depending on the time of day. Geodude is the most common encounter and is weak against Grass and Water type moves.

  • Notice the cave at the northmost point of the path you're on. This is one entrance to Wayward Cave, Gible's home, but he's not found on this end of the cave. You need to go through the "secret entrance," and you will want to give one of your Pokémon the TM Flash, otherwise, the cave is pitch dark and you'll only be able to see a small circle around yourself.

  • Move to the left of the topmost tree outside the visible entrance to Wayward Cave.

  • Proceed west from the tree, UNDER the Cycling Road. The secret entrance to Wayward Cave is located directly under the road, against the mountain wall, in the "up" direction. To find it, inch across to the left and press the Up button on the D-pad until you can't go up any more. Continue to press Up every step left you take until you enter the secret entrance of the cave. It takes nine steps from the spot next to the tree to reach it.

  • Use Flash to light the cave, go down the stairs on the left and then wander around until you bump into Gible. He is present morning, afternoon and night, often near the mini bike ramps in the middle of the room.

Tips & Warnings

  • On Diamond/Pearl, you will need the HM Strength to get to the stairs in Wayward Cave. The HM is obtained on the top floor in the Lost Tower, south of Solaceon Town. In Platinum, no boulders block the stairs in Wayward Cave.
  • If you've beaten enough gym leaders to have Quick Balls available to you at the Pokemart in Pastroia City, Celestic Town and Snowpoint City, this is probably the best ball to use to catch most Pokémon, including Gible, as it has a high success rate. Be sure to throw it as soon as you encounter the Pokémon instead of battling him.

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  • Photo Credit Catherine Chant
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