How to Write a Receipt of Payment

According to the federal government, a receipt is written documentation that a buyer paid a seller for goods or services. A receipt must include the name of the seller, the purchase date, the specific goods or services purchased, the unit price and the final amount the buyer paid. If different types of products or services were purchased together, they must be listed separately on the receipt.

  1. Label the Receipt

    • At the top of the paper, write the word "Receipt" in large letters. Under that header, write your name, address and telephone number as the selling party. Under your contact information, write "Date" followed by the date the receipt was written. On the next line, put "Sold to," and enter the buyer's name.

    Describe the Purchase

    • For each item you sold, write a description, a price, any discount applied and the total amount paid. Sum the amount paid for all items, enter any state sales tax you are required to collect and put a grand total on the receipt. Write "Method of Payment," and indicate whether you received cash, a check or payment from a credit card. A comment at the bottom of the receipt -- such as "Thank You for Your Business!" -- adds a nice touch.

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