How to Find Which Version of Microsoft Windows You Have

Sometimes it is necessary to figure out which version of Microsoft Windows your computer is running. Even if you know that your computer is running Vista, you might not remember which of the four editions of Vista you have. You also might need to find out which service pack you have to determine if you can use an application that requires a particular service pack to be installed. Fortunately, Windows includes a tool that can tell you which version of Microsoft Windows you have.


    • 1

      Click "Start."

    • 2

      Type "winver" into the search box.

    • 3

      Press "Enter."

    • 4

      Read the information in the dialog box that opens. At the very top of the dialog box is the specific edition of Windows you have. Below that is a version number. The version number doesn't relate to the version of say, Vista. It's actually the version of Microsoft Windows. For example, Vista is the name that's used to refer to Version 6, and Windows XP refers to Version 5.1. Next to the version number is a build number, which you almost never need to know. Finally, you should see the service pack number, which can be important from time to time. Service pack numbers are inclusive, so if you have Service Pack 3, that means you also have the service packs that were released before it.

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