How to Make Your Own Family Crest Online

A family crest is the symbol that represents who your family is. Traditionally, this crest was worn as part of a heraldry and featured on top of a helmet and on battle shields of armor. Family crests today are decorative ways to acknowledge your family's heritage and pay tribute to your ancestors. A family crest, also known as a coat of arms, can be displayed on everything from shirts to coffee mugs to a rug on your front porch. Learn how to make your own family crest online.


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      Use an online service that specializes in family tree products. Most of these services work the same way, with variations in pricing (see resources).

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      Design your coat of arms by choosing from the options provided by the service you choose. Websites will give you several pre-designed options or let you upload your own design ideas. Think about your family and what designs signify what it stands for. Consider your ethnic heritage before you begin making your choices.

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      Consult a glossary of heraldry terms to give yourself an overview of the terminology you will need to create an authentic coat of arms. Many of these websites have a glossary available or you can study one online (see resources). Once you've decided on the graphic, colors and terminology you want to associate with your family crest, you are ready to move on to the design process.

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      Place your order using the online order form. The forms ask several questions to determine the design of your graphic. Read the website service description for turnaround time, but in most cases, two or three days is the case.

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      Use your family crest to adorn plaques, mugs, glasses, plates, clothing and framed artwork. You are purchasing the rights to the family crest when you pay for it. The use of that emblem becomes your property to use as you wish and is eligible for copyright. Many services offer extra products and can print your emblem on them for you.

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