How to find the PIN number for your Blackberry


On the BlackBerry smartphone, the personal identification number or PIN is a unique character code that identifies the device on the network. Email, text messaging and web browsing all use the PIN to send and receive information between the smartphone and other devices and servers.

Text Message

  • Click the "Text Message" icon.

  • Press the "Menu" key, and scroll down the pop-up menu and click "Compose Text Message."

  • Type a contact name or number in the blank next to "To."

  • Type "Mypin" in the "Type message here" text box and press the spacebar on the keyboard. "Mypin" will be replaced with the PIN for the device.

Email Message

  • Click the "Messages" icon.

  • Click the "Menu" key. Scroll down and click "Compose Email" from the pop-up menu.

  • Type "Mypin" in the message area. Click the "Return" key to replace "Mypin" with the PIN for the device.

Options Menu

  • Click the "Menu" key.

  • Click the "Options" icon.

  • Click "Status." Scroll down the menu and highlight "PIN:." The PIN is on the right side of the screen.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager

  • Launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

  • Connect the BlackBerry USB cable to the computer.

  • Connect the BlackBerry to the USB cable. The PIN number for the device is listed in the center of the Desktop Manager.

Tips & Warnings

  • The "Menu" key is also called the "BlackBerry" key.


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