How to Lose Weight Without Developing Flabby Skin

Lose weight without developing flabby skin.
Lose weight without developing flabby skin.

During the course of losing weight many people develop flabby skin. The droopy, flabby appearance of skin is often caused by losing weight too quickly. When people lose weight fast their bodies tend to burn more muscle than fat. Less muscle causes skin to look wobbly and flabby. Since fat takes up more volume than muscle, fat tends to push its way toward the skin bulging and hanging in the folds, giving skin a flabby appearance. As people age, skin also has a tendency to lose its elasticity, making it even harder for people to stay toned while losing weight. If you're planning on going on a diet, but dread the thought of not looking toned, follow the steps below to lose weight without developing flabby skin.

To lose weight without developing flabby skin, plan not to lose more than 2 to 3 pounds a week. Losing weight too quickly causes the body to go into starvation mode. When the body is in starvation mode, it burns more muscle than fat.

Start a weight training program before you start a diet. Since muscles burn more calories than fat, lifting weights and building muscles before a diet will not only help you lose weight faster, it will also help tone your body and prevent flabby skin after you start a diet.

Include aerobic workouts in your exercise program to lose weight without developing flabby skin. Aerobic activities help tone your body and decrease cortisol levels, which increase fat loss.

Eat several small meals throughout the day rather than three large meals to avoid flabby skin. Eating small meals every few hours helps keep blood sugar levels from fluctuating and increases metabolism by helping your body burn fat instead of muscle.

Choose healthy fresh foods, especially ones that boost collagen levels like soy, dark green vegetables, high vitamin C foods, seafood and salt-free nuts. These foods contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the elasticity of skin by increasing collagen levels.

Eat red fruits and vegetables like beets and dark berries. They contain lycopenes, which work like anti-oxidants increasing collagen production and preventing flabby skin.

Stay hydrated with water to lose weight without developing flabby skin. Dehydration can prevent fat loss.

Eat more leucine-rich protein foods like lean meats, cottage cheese and nuts. Take leucine amino acid supplements, especially if you're over 40. Increasing leucine amino acid along with diet and exercise helps people get toned faster and tighten flabby skin.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid processed foods. Eliminate diet beverages, especially diet sodas.
  • Always check with your doctor before starting any diet and exercise program.

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