How to Get a Quickie Divorce

In the United States the divorce rate still stands at about 50%. Going through a divorce is a painful process in itself and the time it takes to make it final can make matters even worse. A quickie divorce is easiest if there are no children involved and both spouses can come to an agreement about the major things regarding their marriage.


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      Come to an agreement upon the splitting up of assets and liabilities that you and your spouse have. This is the best way to obtain a quickie divorce. If there are any children involved, it's also important to create and agree upon a visitation schedule and any child support that may be needed or wanted. If alimony is to be paid, this is also the time to work out the appropriate amount.

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      Write up the agreement that has been made and then submit it to a judge. Be sure to include everything talked about in step one and any other information deemed necessary that is specific to your situation.

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      Wait for the judge to review the case you and your spouse have made and wait for the final judgement to be made. The parties will be notified when a decision has been made and they will be made aware of anything that still needs to be done - if anything. Once everything has been verified with the judge, the divorce will be made final.

Tips & Warnings

  • The more the 2 spouses are able to come to an agreement on, the quicker the divorce will be.
  • If agreements cannot be made, the parties may need to use a mediator or hire lawyers.
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