How to Enter WWE Contests

World Wrestling Entertainment fans love all of the perks that come with being a fan, but the best perks are the free prizes given out by the WWE community. In these contests you can win trips, clothes, toys, magazines, autographs and other collectible memorabilia. Most of the contests involve just entering your name, but others force you to put your WWE knowledge to the test.


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      Visit the WWE website (see Resources below). It is full of wrestling content, but also offers many contests. Head to the homepage and click on the "Contest" link on the left side. Follow the instructions and register.

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      Visit the WWE news blog (see Resources below). This blog offers WWE trivia and history, but every month it holds a contest with different prizes. To win prizes you have to answer trivia and other questions.

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      Purchase a copy of WWE magazine. Every month the magazine offers two chances at winning WWE merchandise. The first chance is open to you if you own WWE merchandise and can send in a picture of yourself with memorabilia such as shirts, blankets or even toys. The second contest is a "Guess the Match" contest featuring a close-up picture of WWE superstars competing and a few clues; you will have to identify the wrestlers.

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      Watch "WWE Raw," "Smackdown," "Superstars" or "ECW." All four of these WWE shows features various ads for contests associated with the WWE. Many of these contests send users to websites to enter, but some--such as "Mr. McMahon's Million Dollar Giveaway"--actually take place on the show.

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      Sign up for WWE Swag Bucks. This is an enhanced search engine that rewards users points for random searches. Basically it will replace the search engine you have and you will receive "Swag Bucks" every so often. You can redeem those swag bucks for WWE merchandise like trading cards, action figures, DVDs and clothing items.

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      Visit Wrestlezone is one of the most popular WWE websites, and occasionally it runs contests. These contests vary, but the website gives away excellent prizes, all related to the WWE.

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      Attend an independent wrestling show. Independent wrestling shows attract fans by offering them a chance at a WWE prize. This prize can be WWE tickets, autographs, replica belts or posters. Purchase raffle tickets if you want a chance at winning.

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