How to Track a Flight by Radar

Flight Tracker uses radar to create online views of airplane flight status on a digital map. The software also will tell you of any delays and the estimated or actual time of departure and arrival. This is important information if you are planning an upcoming flight or if you are going to meet someone at the airport.

  1. Track a Flight Using Radar

    • 1

      Go to the Flight Tracker website.

    • 2

      Track a flight by entering the flight number and airline in the top box. If you do not know the flight number, select the departure and arrival city and estimated departure and arrival time in the lower box. Click "Track Flight."

    • 3

      Select your flight from the list of flights that meet your criteria if you searched by departure and arrival city. You will see different columns with the departure time, arrival time and status, which could read "Delayed," "Landed" or "In Air." If the flight is "In Air," click on the flight number in the second column. This will take you to a map where you can see a real-time digital picture of your plane in flight based on radar. If you searched by flight number, you will only see that flight's information.

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