How to Gain Weight in 10 Days for Women


There are a plethora of products designed to help lose weight, especially for women, but almost no product to help gain weight. For women who are underweight and unsatisfied with a stick figure look, weight gain helps add curves to their bodies, re-establish a youthful plumpness and achieve a softer, more feminine figure and feel. Gain weight in 10 days with simple steps that could be easily practiced at home, designed just for women trying to fill a pretty party dress in 10 days.

Gain Weight in 10 Days for Women

Eat three meals three times a day. Make sure you are very hungry before you eat anything and stay hungry for your meals. Do not eat in between meals. If you must eat between meals, eat 2 or 3 granola bars, such as Nature's Valley Granola Bars (see Resources), which provide the best results for gaining weight in 10 days for women.

Start each meal with 2 oz. of carrot juice on empty stomach, or take digestive enzymes 20 minutes prior to meals. Carrot juice stimulates the activity and enzyme production in your small intestine and improves nutrient absorption. Digestive enzymes help digestive organs more power to absorb fully the nutrients and calories from the food you eat.

Eat starches and foods that have high glycemic index (see Resources) for every meal. Examples of these foods include white bread, doughnuts, mashed potatoes or rice crispy treats. This will increase the likelihood of your body producing more insulin, which is a hormone that encourages the body to store fat quickly.

Make at least 50 of your food intake come from foods that work with the body to increase weight, with high fat and sugar content. Some excellent choices for meals are: honey, frozen yogurt, cheesecake, pastries, patisseries, flan, candy bars, pancakes, bacon and ice cream sundaes.

Halt any weight loss practices and remove all substances that contribute to weight loss from diet and lifestyle habits. These include: too much fiber (raw vegetables, bran, fiber supplements), caffeine (teas, black coffee, dark chocolate, diet pills), green tea (including extracts and poly-phenols), soy, ginger, nicotine and other fat burners and stimulants. Also avoid over-exercising and high stress levels, as those can also lead to weight loss. Avoid calorie restrictions and any drugs that trigger weight loss.

Tips & Warnings

  • Exercise to build lean muscle. This is a slower way to gain weight, but in the long term the weight gained will look better for evenly distributed fat accumulation.
  • There are many instances of underweight women being unsatisfied with the results of quick weight gain, as fat tend to "settle"' in places undesired, such as around the waist. This is not a healthy diet. Please do not continue this diet for more than 10 days. If a person has eating disorders (such as bulimia, anorexia, fasting, use of laxatives or over-exercising), undergoing chemotherapy or under the influence of drugs that cause abnormally low body weight, please proceed with caution and keep in mind that these weight-gain instructions may not work in these instances.

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