How to Write a Teacher CV

Whether you're a recent college graduate or a seasoned pro who's looking for new opportunities in the field of private or public education, a polished and well organized CV is essential if you're hoping to be invited to sell your credentials in person to an interview panel.

Things You'll Need

  • Good quality stationery in white or a neutral color


    • 1

      Open up a new document in a word processing program and set your margins for 1 inch on all sides. Select as your font a 12 pt. Courier, Times New Roman, Bookman or Palatino.

    • 2

      Center and single-space your name, address, phone number, email and website at the top of the page. Insert two hard returns after the last entry. At the left margin, list the following subheads in all caps: Position Desired (or Career Objective); Specialization (or Areas of Expertise), Education, Certifications, Experience, Volunteerism, Honors and Achievements, Memberships and Associations, Career Development Training, and References. The first two subheads should be followed by colons with your answers to them occupying the same line. For the rest of the subheads, the entries pertinent to each section will be typed single-spaced in upper and lower case letters with two hard returns separating the last entry from the next subhead.

    • 3

      Type the exact title of the job as it appears in the ad or job posting after the "Position Desired" subhead. If you're simply testing the waters to see if an institution has any vacancies, use the "Career Objective" subhead and describe in a brief sentence the type of career you're interested in pursuing in the field of education.

    • 4

      Summarize the unique skills you have to offer following the subhead "Specialization" or "Areas of Expertise." Examples: "Fluency in English, French and Mandarin Chinese at all grade levels;" "Co-Chair of Arcadia Special Olympics Committee and 15 years experience working with special needs children;" or "Award winning theater director with a Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting."

    • 5

      Specify what your degree is in, what your major was and the university from which you graduated under the "Education" subhead. If the university isn't a well known name, include its city and state as well. If you're a recent graduate, include your GPA.

    • 6

      Mention any certifications, licenses or credentials you have acquired under the "Certifications" subhead.

    • 7

      List the teaching jobs you have held in reverse chronological order under "Experience" starting with your current or most recent job. Each entry should include the title you held, the grade and the subjects that you taught, the name of the school, the duration of your employment, and a brief summary of your responsibilities in the classroom and in liaison with faculty and parents.

    • 8

      Discuss the unpaid opportunities ("Volunteerism") that allowed you to hone your teaching skills (such as after school tutoring, church reading programs and library storytelling time), exercise leadership, plan community events, participate in scouting activities and day-camps or organize fundraisers.

    • 9

      Reference any awards, scholarships or special commendations that you have received in the "Honors and Achievements" category.

    • 10

      List any clubs, civic organizations or national associations that you belong to. If you were or are an officer in these groups, be sure to share this with the reader as a demonstration of your leadership abilities.

    • 11

      Discuss any specialized training you have completed as well as whether you're currently taking courses that will increase your value as an educator.

    • 12

      Identify by name, title, affiliation and contact information the names of three references who can attest to your qualifications, character and experience.

Tips & Warnings

  • Recruit extra pairs of eyes to proofread your CV for you before you start sending it out. See the Resources section for sample formats, lists of action words to incorporate in your job summaries, and do's and don't's of professional presentation. Use the same font consistently throughout the entire document. It's not only permissible but also recommended that your name at the top of the page be slightly larger so that it will stand out easily. If you're applying for a teaching position at a university, you'll want to include a section in your CV for "Published Work." This is where you'll list books, journal articles and literary venues that feature your work.
  • A CV that exceeds two pages in length is too long. Consult with a friend or expert whose advice you trust on how to trim it down. Never upload your headshot to your CV.
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