How to Manage Neck Muscle Pain

Neck muscle pain is something that we have all had to deal with at one time or another. When it happens it seems to come out of the blue without warning. Worse yet, many times you have no idea how you go it! Then you start thinking back trying to pinpoint the actual cause of injury and usually end up being clueless.


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      Rub and roll

      Neck muscle pain is common, but that doesn't make it any less painful. At times it can be difficult to continue working and doing daily tasks with neck pain nagging in the background. The first reaction is usually to rub it and move the head from side to side or roll it. Sometimes this can give relief and can't hurt anything.

      Other times it doesn't do anything and the neck muscles continue to be stiff and uncooperative. This is when you know that it's there to stay for a while and more aggressive action has to be taken.

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      Ice Pack

      If its serious pain and you cannot even turn your head then you may need a Motrin or some other pain reliever until you can get to a place of rest. Once you get home you can lie down which is what you need do in the beginning. Trying to exercise or anything of this nature could worsen the pain.

      Alternate with ice and heat treatment to see which one gets the best response; if ice eases the pain then use ice. If the muscles are stiff and not injured then heat will relax the muscles and ease pain. Usually one or both of these work to manage neck muscle pain.

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      Massage pillow

      Massage is the next best pain management technique. It's better if you have someone else do it, so that you can relax. Or use a portable massage unit that vibrates and if possible one that kneads like the shiatsu massage pillow. It can be used for preventive care as well.

      On the second day it's time to switch from ice to heat. A combination of heat and massage as well as a pain reliever should be all that's necessary. It's also time to start easing into movement, not exercise per say, but stretching and gaining full range of motion back.

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      One of the major causes of neck muscle pain is stress as well as poor posture and sitting in one place too long. This means we need to keep stress at a minimum, improve posture and keep moving, even if it's a few stretches and a quick check to see if we're sitting up straight.

      If you have an exercise program then you're on the right track. Weight training in particular can help prevent neck muscle pain by improving posture and strengthening weak areas. Exercise also helps relieve stress and seems to be a viable solution for avoiding neck pain.

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      Typically, it shouldn't take longer than 5-7 days or less to be pain free. However, if you notice unusual symptoms beyond a strain such as blurred vision, weakness, numbing, vomiting or migraine headaches then you may need to consult a doctor.

      Chiropractors are a good alternative as well as acupuncture for those who prefer more natural methods of healing. They can also be used as preventive health care. Nobody has to live with neck muscle pain, as you can see, there are ways to treat as well as prevent it.

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