How to create Free Printable Letter Stencils

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Free printable letter stencils can be a great online idea for adding creativity to stenciling patterns for any decor. These letter patterns are free to copy for bubble lettering, printable abc alphabet stencils, or making large letter stencils and stencil wall murals.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo Shop or Corel Draw graphics program
  • acetate pattern paper
  • painters tape
  • large letter brush
  • stencil sponge


  1. Use a Corel Draw or Photo Shop type graphics software to personally create your own printable letter stencils or download free stenciling patterns from many sites over the internet.

  2. Use the graphics imaging software to re size alphabet letters or design patterns for stencil wall murals, alter font, or create printable bubble letter stencils if you like.

  3. Take the saved design and print out your free letter stencils on pattern or acetate paper and set them aside.

  4. Use the acetate paper to trace your free alphabet patterns by cutting out the unnecessary open spaces. Provide for a small border a couple of inches or so around your letter stencils to give the designs stability.

  5. Apply tape to your acetate paper or whatever medium you use to create your stencils on and apply little amounts of paint to the open areas of your stencils. Letter your color slowly, while blotting in a deliberate manner with your large stencil brush or letter sponge to avoid getting bubbles in your paint.

  6. Let your patterns dry and then slowly remove them from their surface. Now that you have drafted your own printable letter stencils, you are free to copy them for stencil wall murals, large borders, skateboard art, or to enhance baby furniture with printable abc stencils.



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