How to Prepare for Delivering Twins (Vaginal Childbirth)

If you are expecting twins, you are sure to have many questions about what to expect during a twin childbirth and delivery.


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      The very first thing you need to do is discuss your options with your doctor. Not all twin births are delivered by cesarean or more commonly known as the c-section. Many women are able to deliver their twins vaginally.

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      On the day of delivery, chances are that you will deliver your babies in the operating room even if you deliver your babies vaginally.

      You may have hoped to deliver your babies in a regular labor and delivery room but you will have to put those hopes aside and remember the bigger picture. You want what is best for the babies.

      Twins are generally delivered in the operating room in case of an emergency c-section or other emergency issue because twin pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy.

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      Contractions will be very much the same as a singleton labor. If you have already experienced labor before, you will know what to expect in that area.

      Mothers of twins are still able to get an epidural unless other health conditions prevent it.

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      In the delivery room or operating room you will have quite a crowd of medical professionals in the room. You will have your OBGYN doctor, an anesthesiologist (in case of emergency), one labor and delivery nurse and two nurses for the babies.

      The father of your babies or one other person will be allowed in the operating room with you. If you are very lucky, they may allow one other person in the operating room with you but generally they will not allow it.

      The person you have chosen to come into the operating room with you will have to be dressed from head to toe in a surgical outfit because the room must remain sterile.

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      When you are pushing the babies out, one at a time of course, the baby with his or her head down on your cervix will come out first.

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      After the first baby has been delivered, your second baby may have changed position. This may cause a problem during delivery. If your baby is not head down, your doctor may have to manually turn the baby around. If this is not possible, a c-section may have to be performed to deliver the second twin baby.

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      If you continue to deliver vaginally, you will have to push all over again. This may take just a couple of minutes or longer depending on the size of the second baby.

      If the mother is exhausted from pushing out the first baby, it will be harder for the mother to push the second baby out.

      The person you have chosen to be with you in the operating room will hopefully get to hold the first baby while you work on delivering the second baby so you probably wont get any more coaching from him or her for the second delivery.

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      After you have delivered both babies and held them in your arms, the babies will be get weighed and cleaned up. During this time you will deliver the placenta or placentas. This process does not hurt and is nothing like delivering babies.

      If you have chosen to donate the cord blood or store your cord blood, the process of delivering the placentas will take a bit longer since there is a special process of collecting and testing that needs to be done. A special cord blood person may also have to come in to assist the doctor in collection. This process does not hurt one bit.

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      You will be able to nurse your babies right away if you choose to do so.

Tips & Warnings

  • All of these tips are assuming you choose to give birth in a hospital.
  • My girls were delivered 43 minutes apart. The second baby was over one pound heavier than the first baby. I was also extremely exhausted.
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