How to Start an Elder Care Group Home

There are many steps involved in starting a group home for the elderly, usually called a residential care facility. Requirements vary by state, size of the home and level of care needed by the residents. What follows is a general idea of the steps involved in starting a group home for senior citizens.

Things You'll Need

  • A facility
  • Experienced staff
  • Business incorporation or sole proprietorship
  1. Check with the State

    • 1

      Find out your state's specific requirements (see Resources). Create a spreadsheet listing the requirements so you can easily keep track of all the steps you have taken or will need to take.

    • 2

      Buy or build your facility. This will dictate the number of residents you can have and the level of care you can provide. Make sure to follow the state codes as far as room sizes and number of bathrooms.

    • 3

      Choose your business. Generally, a larger home will require you to incorporate as a non-profit and a smaller home will require you to become a sole proprietorship. Your state regulations can give you more information.

    • 4

      Begin the application process. You will need licenses and approval from the state,including building inspections, kitchen inspections, licenses for administrators and a name for your home.

    • 5

      Follow all the steps of the application process and pay all of the necessary fees, which can be in the thousands of dollars.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are consulting services that can help you with the process. Contact your state licensing board to help you find one.
  • Leave extra room in your budget for any repairs or renovations you will have to make to the facility.
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