How to Dress for a Short Torso

Most women would kill to have super long legs, but the downside of lengthy gams is that they are often accompanied by a short torso. Dressing this type of body can be problematic if you don't know where to start. The key idea to keep in mind is to choose clothing that visually lengthens your top half.

  1. Go Untucked

    • Tucking your top into your bottoms, whether they are pants or a skirt, only highlights a shorter waist. To balance your shape and visually lengthen your top half, wear tops that extend past your natural waist. Avoid looking sloppy by choosing tops that fit well. Layer a structured blazer on top.

    Choose Lower-Waisted Bottoms

    • A lot of women cannot wear low rise bottoms, but they are an asset for short torso ladies. Jeans, skirts and trousers that sit closer to the hip create a horizontal line that appears to extend your torso. The same is true for drop-waisted dresses, which also help your figure appear more proportionate.

    Belt at the Hip

    • Belts are a quick way to accessorize an outfit, but give some thought to the placement. Avoid cinching clothes at the waist, as this visually splits your torso in half and accentuates a shorter upper torso. The less you define your natural waist, the more balanced your silhouette will appear. A wide, low-slung belt across the hips will draw the eye downward, for a stylish and flattering look.

    So Charming

    • Just as you would choose your clothing, picking jewelry that will elongate your torso is essential for a balanced figure. Stay away from short chains and chokers and stick with lengthy necklaces that hit below the breastplate or lower. An intriguing pendant or charm dangling from a single chain will add visual interest. If you can't choose just one, feel free to pile on the necklaces for a free-spirited bohemian look.

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