How to Install DDR2 RAM


RAM, also known as memory, provides your computer with a place to store files that are currently running. Not having enough RAM can slow a computer down, making memory upgrades a popular method of increasing system performance. DDR2 RAM is relatively easy to install for most computer users and can be done in only a couple of minutes with a screwdriver. DDR2 RAM can be purchased from most major computer and electronics stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Shutdown the computer and unplug the power cord from the back of the system. Unhook the rest of the cables and lay the system on its right side. Remove the two screws holding the left side panel in place and set them in a safe location. Slide the side panel off and set it aside.

  • Locate the memory slots. These are long, slender slots located directly on the motherboard. They are made from plastic and have one square tab on either side.

  • Align the DDR2 RAM with the slot, ensuring the solid bump in the middle of the slot is lined up with the hole in the RAM. If it doesn't line up properly, turn the RAM around and check it again. The memory will only fit in one direction.

  • Apply gentle pressure to the center of the RAM until it snaps into place. Ensure the tabs on either side have securely locked over the edge of the RAM to hold it down.

  • Replace the side panel and put the two screws back in. Hook the cables back up to the system and turn it on. The system is now ready to be used.

Tips & Warnings

  • Static electricity can destroy electrical components. Always touch the computer case to ground yourself before handling RAM.

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