How to Discipline a Bad Kitten

How to Discipline a Bad Kitten
How to Discipline a Bad Kitten (Image: Katia)

When a newborn kitten reaches four weeks it, it is time to start training it to behave properly, particularly if it is an inside cat. When you need to discipline a bad kitten, there are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind. There are particular methods of kitten training that work better than others, and punishment is one of the most vital components of any training program.

Use its instincts. When trying to discipline a bad kitten, consider what a mother cat would do. In the cat's eyes, you are the mother cat and it will look to you for guidance. The downside is that, like any other child, it will rebel and act out when frustrated.

Get down at the cat's level. Anything you do will be much more effective if you get down at its level and interact directly, as a mother cat would. It also conveys a sense of intimacy and familiarity that will be beneficial to the training when you need to discipline a bad kitten.

Hiss at the kitten like a mother cat would. Make a loud noise to shock the kitten out of whatever bad behavior it is performing. Shaking a metal can full of coins is very effective. Arch your back and look threatening.

Reward good behavior. Kitten training is more than punishment. You need to discipline a bad kitten, which at the same time rewarding a good kitten. When the kitten performs a good behavior, especially one that you are trying to encourage, reward it with treats and lavish it with love and adoring attention. Encouraging good behavior is every bit as important as punishing bad behavior.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not wait before you discipline the bad kitten. For the cat to understand what exactly it is doing wrong, the punishment must immediately follow the bad behavior.
  • Remember that kittens, particularly young ones, are small and delicate. When you discipline a bad kitten, make sure that you are gentle and do not hurt them by accident.
  • Some people prefer to use a spray bottle to spray water when the cat is misbehaving, but doing so leads to a disconnect between the bad behavior and your disapproval.

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