How to De Skunk a Cat After Being Sprayed

It's important to de skunk a cat immediately after being sprayed by a skunk. Cats are the most difficult animal to care for after they have been sprayed by a skunk, especially considering how much they tend to hate baths. Always be extra cautious with cats when trying to bathe them after being sprayed by a skunk.


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      Before you begin, I highly suggest having at least one other person to help you bathe the cat. The more people that can help though, the better.

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      The most common method of getting rid of the skunk smell, is to bathe the cat in tomato juice. Though it will not get rid of all of the smell, I suggest starting with a Tomato Juice bathe. To do this, fill a sink with a few cans of tomato juice. Massage it into the cat gently for about 5 minutes. Then rinse all of the tomato juice off of the cat. Be sure to keep the eyes protected while doing this.

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      Afterwards, use a skunk off shampoo to get rid of the rest of the smell (this can be found under resources below). Skunk off shampoo is safe for pets as well as animals.

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      If you prefer not to use skunk off shampoo, I suggest making your own skunk off shampoo. To make your own, mix 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup of baking soda, and one teaspoon of a liquid soap.

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