How to Remove Ad Yield Management Adware

The Ad Yield Management spyware program is frequently bundled with other software programs and covertly downloaded to your computer. The program is used to invade your privacy and monitor your Web surfing habits so that it can launch targeted pop-ups that advertise products and services to purchase online. The program is well known by various anti-spyware companies and can be easily removed by downloading and installing a spyware detection utility.


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      Double-click on the desktop icon for your Web browsing program, or click on "Start" and then choose the Web browser in the list of "Programs."

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      Click on the Web address toolbar at the top of the screen and navigate to a website that offers spyware-detecting software. Check through the list of spyware programs that it detects and make sure that the Ad Yield Management program is included in the list.

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      Navigate to the downloads section of the page and click on the link. Wait a moment for your Web browser to pop up a new window. Click on "Save File" at the lower left corner of the new window. Let the installation file finish downloading and then click the "My Computer" icon or instead right-click on the "Start" bar and click "Explore."

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      Navigate through the folders on your hard drive and locate the area where your downloaded files are saved. Find the installation file you downloaded and double-click on it. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to install the spyware-detecting software.

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      Finish the installation process and then double-click the spyware program's desktop icon. Click the "Search for Updates" button and then choose the download location from the list of options. Click "Next" and wait for the updates to finish installing.

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      Click the "Search For Problems" button and then click "Start." Wait for the program to scan your computer and locate where the Ad Yield Management software has been installed. Make sure that the check box next to the Ad Yield entry is checked. Then click "Remove Selected Problems" to remove the adware.

Tips & Warnings

  • Both the Lavasoft Ad-Aware utility and the Spybot Search & Destroy utility are set up to search for the Ad Yield Management spyware program (see Resources).
  • Don't redownload the original file that infected your computer with the Ad Yield Management spyware program or continue to surf the same areas of the Internet without using a firewall.
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