How to Write An Announcement


If you've got news to share, you'll need to write an announcement. Common announcement topics include engagements, weddings, births and change of address.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer/Typewriter
  • Printing paper / cards
  • Printer
  • Patience
  • Determine the topic of the announcement.

  • Think about exactly what you want to write. Ask yourself five questions: who, what, when, where and why. Always be direct, brief and to the point. Always think about the details in order of importance.

  • Be sure to have picked the correct announcement type. Many announcements can be handwritten. But weddings, anniversary and graduation announcements should be printed.

  • Choose the format you want the announcement to have. For example, a formal announcement like an engagement, open house, new business or retirement are usually off-white or white engraved cards sent directly to the readers.

  • Structure your announcement. Keep it simple by providing only the basic, essential information, such as the time, place and date of your event.

  • When you begin to write, make sure your paragraphs are strong and effective. Again, be straight and to the point. Do no ramble.

  • Edit your content. Make sure everything in your announcement is correct -- including times, dates, addresses -- and that you don't have any typos or spelling or grammatical errors.


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