How to Create a Song Online

There's been a proliferation of websites in recent years that allow artists of all types to create their art online. These websites provide not only the tools necessary to work, but many offer access to an online community of artists just like you. The newest type of online creation website is the song composer website. These sites let you create songs online and some even allow you to collaborate with other users in real time. Find out how you can take advantage of this new medium and create your own songs online.


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      Choose a website that allows you to compose songs online (see resources). Most of these websites offer basic services free and more advanced services for a small additional fee. Most of these websites don't require any sort of download or installation.

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      Compose your song as you go, by experimenting until you find something you like, or by working out the basics of the song on a real instrument before you begin. Online song composers offer a catalogue of chords in basic and advanced forms to allow you a wide range of key choices.

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      Assign instruments to the song parts you write. This allows you to hear the song material the way you want it to sound when the song is finished. Many of these online song composition websites offer a wide variety of musical instrument sounds.

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      Save your song frequently as you compose and listen to it in preview mode to make sure you're getting the chords and melody you want. It's easier to change the progression of chords and notes as you go.

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      Take advantage of online communities associated with music composition websites to compose songs with other musicians. This type of songwriting is a new medium and expands your creative circle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Save online work frequently in case you lose your Internet connection.

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