How to Burn Fat Fast Without Pills


The only healthy way to burn fat is with diet and exercise. Diet pills are false hope in a capsule. They are expensive and come with possible side effects and health risks. Working out and eating sensibly can burn fat without danger of pills. Diet pills are expensive; they can lead to heart problems, depression, impotence and unwanted drug interactions with prescription meds.

Jump-start your metabolism. Early workouts tend to supercharge the metabolism to burn calories more efficiently than later in the day. To maximize fat burning without pills, schedule an extra workout. Two 30-minute workouts are more effective than one 60-minute session. Use the early morning exercises to do moderate cardio routines, and later in the day do strength or weight training.

Exercise first before eating. Work out 30 minutes before consuming a healthy breakfast. Early workouts burn more than twice as much fat as exercise later in the day because overnight your body is burning carbohydrates. When you first wake up and your body is low on carbs, it will burn fat instead.

Always eat breakfast. Breakfast will actually fire up your metabolism. If you don’t eat until lunch, your metabolism slows down and functions less effectively when it isn’t “fueled” properly. Sensible eating after your morning workout will curb the urge to reach for a sugary snack. It helps you feel more energetic and better able to cope with the stress of day. Consume more fiber, especially leafy green veggies, to burn fat efficiently.

Use your nose. Breathing through your nose tends to stabilize the heart rate and promotes endurance. With greater endurance, you will be able to complete your workout and burn more fat.

Stand or sit up straight. Your mother told you good posture was important, but who knew it was good for burning fat? Whether on exercise equipment or walking or jogging, good body alignment promotes better breathing and more intake of fat-burning oxygen. Use the hand grips on exercise bikes or other equipment only for balance.

Cut calories. You will fire up your fat-burners with these tips, but if you combine them with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and low-fat meats like chicken and fish, you will see changes fast. You can also cut your portion sizes in half to help you easily cut your calorie intake.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try different exercise routines to keep yourself going. Like your mind, you body gets bored with the same old stuff. As the body becomes accustomed to a routine, it stops burning calories as effectively. A good variety of cardio and strength training with weights will keep you and your body interested in your workout and making progress.
  • Always consult a doctor before changing your exercise regimen or taking steps toward major weight loss.

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