How to Remove the Hard Drive in a Toshiba Satellite A105


Eradicating the hard drive from a computer can be defined as the process of removing the computer's storage device. The computer's storage device is considered that which reads and writes the computer's disk drive, applications, programs and platforms. The hard drive is one of the most consequential assets of a computer's functionality and performance. Therefore, it is important to strategically remove this component safely to avoid any possible damage and loss of files.

Things You'll Need

  • Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop
  • 3 mm flathead screw driver
  • 6 mm flathead screw driver
  • 8 mm flathead screw driver
  • Turn the laptop over. Position your laptop in the direction so that the Toshiba label, on the bottom of the hard panel, is facing you. Your Toshiba label is positioned correctly if it is positioned on the upper-left side of the external hard panel. Remove the battery pack from the bottom your Toshiba laptop to be sure it is powered off.

  • Remove your laptop's external hard panel. This panel is the external plastic layer on the back of your computer to cover and protect your computer's most important hardware components. The screws you need to remove are located on the four outermost corners of the bottom of your laptop. Follow the chart guide listed in Tips for screw and screw driver compatibility and removal. Distance your screws from your workstation to avoid mixing them up and/or losing them.

  • Locate your hard drive panel drawer door when you have totally removed the external hard panel. It is located where the smaller door in the bottom-right panel was before your removed the external hard panel. Your hard drive will be locked into this specific drawer door and the computer itself. Completely unlock the hard drive and remove the drawer from your laptop.

  • Remove the entire hard drive from the drawer door. Hold the hard drive on all sides to ensure that you do not drop it. Place the removed hard drive in an enclosure area to avoid damage of any kind.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep up with all of your screws for re-assembly purposes. The best way to stay completely organized is to group all of the screws together by size and quantity. This will also help you to identify them. Reviewing your Satellite A105 assembly chart will greatly assist you with disassembling your laptop. The essential elements in your chart guide are as follows: F3---3mm flathead screw driver; F6---6mm flathead screw driver; F8---8mm flathead screw driver. These symbols are engraved in the external hard panel on the bottom of your laptop. They will assist you with identifying each screw and knowing which screw driver to use for each particular screw.
  • Make sure all internal screws have been reconfigured correctly before closing the inside of the laptop and applying the final screws. This will ensure that screws are not lost within the inside of the computer's hardware. Heating problems can also occur and cause potential damage to your motherboard. Be sure to power the laptop off before you begin the disassembly. Never disassemble laptop hardware while the machine is running. You could permanently damage the hardware, software and hard drive in its entirety.

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