How to Find Available Babies for Adoption


Finding available babies for adoption is simple if you use an adoption agency. But for various reasons, prospective parents may choose to forego using an adoption agency and opt for a private adoption.

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Step 1

Research the legalities of a private or independent adoption. If you live in Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota or Massachusetts, it is not legal to arrange an adoption without an adoption agency.

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Step 2

Contact an attorney who handles adoptions. He or she may be able to connect you with a mother who wants to handle adoption privately. Search the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys for an attorney near you.

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Step 3

Place a personal ad in multiple newspapers stating that you want to adopt. Wait for birth mothers to contact you or your attorney. Make sure that you have obtained the services of an attorney before you place an ad.

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Step 4

Use word of mouth to tell everyone you know that you want to adopt. Your friends, family and associates may know of a mother who wants to place her baby up for adoption.

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Step 5

Join the Families for Private Adoption organization. It will provide a network of support and guidance while you are searching for available babies.

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Step 6

Contact an adoption agency. If private adoptions are not legal in your state, or if you are not finding babies available to adopt using other methods, contact an adoption agency. Using this scenario, birth mothers select the parents with whom they want to place their baby.

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Tips & Warnings

  • Prepare to pay at least $10,000, if not more, in legal, home study, and/or medical fees.
  • Fees can be much lower if you choose to foster-adopt through your local state agency. This is most often an option for finding babies with special needs.
  • This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few years.
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