How to Lose Weight on The Atkins Diet: Foods to Eat


Discover which Atkins diet foods to eat and shed those unwanted pounds. How would you like to shed a couple of pounds quickly? If so, going on the Atkins diet may be for you.

Although this should not be long term, you can actually find Atkins diet foods to eat that aren't so bad.

Get rid of those unwanted pounds and fit into that outfit that's always been just a little too snug.

  • Eat 20 carbohydrates or less a day. Before making a list of Atkins diet foods to eat, it's important to learn how this diet works. This should not be a long term diet, but instead a short term weight loss plan.

    The Atkins diet foods reduce carbohydrates and speed up metabolism. When this happens, ketosis takes place. Ketosis is a state of the body in which fat is converted to energy.

    Several times, I have lost weight on the Atkins diet with foods to eat from around the house that I normally buy, and avoiding those that were starchy.

    The Atkins diet promotes foods to eat that are low in carbohydrates, keeping carbs to around 20 or less per day.

  • Eat green vegetables. Think green when thinking about Atkins diet foods to eat: green beans, lettuce, collards, spinach, peas, and cabbage.

    Although tomatoes are ok, most of the vegetables on this diet are green.

    Also, while on the Atkins diet, foods high in sugar should be avoided. This includes fruit, to begin with.

    Once the body is in ketosis, then adding a little fruit to your diet is fine. It usually takes one week for the body to go into ketosis.

  • Avoid starches. This means no bread, potatoes, or pasta. Starches are sky high in carbs and should be avoided completely for the first week.

    After that first week, wheat bread can be used in moderation.

    Meats that are breaded should be avoided. If you want chicken, and it's fried, remove the breaded skin.

  • Add lots of meat into your diet. Most meats are on the list of Atkins diet foods to eat.

    Steak, chicken, fish, turkey, all the meats, including red are fine. Keep in mind that this is one of the reasons the Atkins diet has such a fad diet feel.

    Although most meats are fine, high fat should be avoided. Otherwise, your trading one health risk for another.

  • Choose snacks. Atkins diet foods to eat for snacks are surprising. This includes pork skins, Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, and almonds.

    There are other snacks that are fine, but these snacks are what I ate when I was on this diet. Again, eat this in moderation, because high fat intake is also unhealthy for your body.

Tips & Warnings

  • This diet should be a short term diet plan.
  • Avoid carbs and watch even salad dressing. Keep track of your carbs.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and drink unsweet tea, tea with a little Splenda, or water.
  • If you decide on the Atkins diet, go off of it at least once a month for a day or so. Although your body will get out of the ketosis stage, otherwise, it will be a health risk.
  • Buy Keto sticks from the local drug store to keep your body in check of Ketosis. I always used these because it's a great way to double check if the diet is working.
  • Staying on the Atkins diet with foods to eat that are high in fat is not healthy.
  • As with any diet, if you have serious health problems, consult your doctor before attempting the Atkins diet with foods to eat that are low in carbs.

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