How to Touch Up a Photo With Adobe Photoshop CS4

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for photo editing software. Artists, art directors, photographers and digital designers alike use Photoshop to create detailed and complex special effects, such as superimposition of images, color correction and twisted type -- the imagination is the limit with a pricey software like Photoshop. Touching up a photo to remove blemishes or dark spots, however, is one of the simplest editing procedures you can accomplish with Photoshop CS4, and minimal effort or expertise is required.


    • 1

      Open the image you want to retouch.

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      Select "Window" from the Photoshop menu, then scroll down to "Tools" to open the Photoshop Toolbox if it is not already loaded in your workspace. Click the "Magnifying Lens" icon in the Toolbox. Click the image to zoom in on the blemish or mark you want to touch up.

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      Click the "Healing" brush tool from the Toolbox. In the "Options" palette, change the diameter of the brush to match the size of the blemish on the photo. Set the hardness of the brush to "0 percent."

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      Sample the image by clicking the mouse while holding down the "Alt" key for Windows, or "Option" key for Mac. Select an unblemished section near the mark you want to touch up. Release the "Alt" or "Option" key. Place the mouse pointer over the blemish and click. The spot or blemish is covered by the sampled portion.

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