How to Program Radio Shack Pro 97 Scanner

The Radio Shack Pro 97 Scanner is an in-house electronic device used to scan barcodes within the store. This scanner enables employees to scan items and complete product transactions for buying consumers. Programming this device can come as a bit of a challenge because most individuals are unfamiliar with this type of scanner.


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      Clear any possible memory from the Pro97 scanner before you attempt to begin programming the device. You can do so by restarting the by powering it off, and back on again. When the introductory screen appears as you restart the device, enter the numbers "0" and "1" in your scanner keypad. After this configuration has been confirmed, the internal, notification code, "M000", will appear.

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      Configure the Group ID Bank for LTR tracking. Press the program and trunk commands on your keypad. The program code will be abbreviated as "PRGM". Your scanner's display screen should generate a code that reads, "ID Bank 0-1 ON", which indicates you have implemented the code correctly.

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      Press and hold the "MOLD" program key down. If the LTR indication appears on the third line of the bank channels, this means you have entered the codes correctly thus far. The indication code should read, "P001FM 0.00000", which is the correct program indication.

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      Prepare your programming system frequencies. Using your recent frequency input as reference, enter the code "LCN-08" and immediately enter the following numerical code on your keypad: "4", "6", "2", ".", "4", "7", "5", "0". Review the code for accuracy and press the "Enter" command on your keypad.

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      Press and hold the "MODE" command on your scanner's keypad. Within 3-5 seconds, an notification code, P001LT, will appear on your display screen as an indication that the frequency is successfully set to LTR mode. Press the "PGM" command key to advance to the succeeding channel. Enter all remaining frequencies in LCN numerical order. Finally, press "SCAN" to run the final trunk tracking configuration. The indication of completion and success will appear, promptly when this process has completed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure all of your LTR codes begin in Channel X01 of Bank "X". If you have anymore detailed questions, please refer to the manufacturer manual for further assistance.

  • It is very important to program the Group ID to LTR Tracking Mode correctly. If this is not done correctly, the scanner may not track correctly.

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