How to Make Gemstone T-Shirts


Learning how to customize gemstone T-shirts can give you a trendy new look without having to pay high designer prices. It is easy to turn an ordinary shirt into a signature piece of clothing designed by you. Use different sized gemstones to arrange an unusual pattern or the same color gemstones for a zodiac-sign design. Anything you decide to create will reflect your own individual style. Gemstone T-shirts can be given as gifts and designed for any occasion. It is also a hobby the whole family can enjoy.

Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt
  • Gemstones
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric chalk
  • Cardboard
  • Choose which gemstones you would like to use for your design. They can be purchased at any craft store and come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Some gemstones have a flat metal backing and some have prongs that are pressed down into the fabric to secure the gem.

  • Select a shirt to begin your project. If the T-shirt is new you will need to launder it before you start your design. Try the shirt on and with sewing pins, mark the area where you would like the
    gemstones to go. Remove the shirt and lay it on a flat surface.

  • Use fabric chalk to outline the design on T-shirt. You can do this freehand if it is a simple design. If it is too difficult to draw, you can use a stencil.

  • Put a small piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt, underneath the design area. Arrange the gemstones on the pattern for a preview. If the gemstones you have chosen have a flat metal back, put a small amount of fabric glue on the metal back and press firmly into place. If the gemstones have prongs, place the gemstone in the pattern and turn the shirt inside out. The prongs should be sticking through the other side of the shirt. Take a spoon or small knife and force the prongs down until all the prongs are secured into the fabric. Dab inside the prongs with a drop of fabric glue.

  • After you finish the design, keep the shirt on a flat surface for 24 hours before washing. If you have made a design using only the flat metal gemstones, wash on a delicate cycle and line dry.

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