How to Make Cat Costumes for Kids


Cat costumes appeal to children who love to dress up and play pretend. Since the costume isn't difficult to make, your child might enjoy having a hand in helping you design it. The directions here are for any kind of cat costume, from black or white to calico or tiger. If your family has cats, it might be an intriguing challenge to see if you can come up with a design that matches the design of your cat's coat.

Things You'll Need

  • Animal or spotted print pajamas or long-sleeved top
  • Black pants, socks, and shoes
  • Animal print material
  • Headband
  • Construction paper and markers
  • Take a long-sleeved child's top in black or white or a print. If you want a spotted print but can't find it in the stores, use a solid black long-sleeved top and buy printed fabric to make a vest. Cut a rectangle from the material, and hem the edges. Cut a hole in the center large enough for your child's head to fit through. Sew straps on the four edges to tie around your child's waist. For a calico pattern, use a paper grocery bag. Open it down the side, measure your child to cut armholes where needed, and round the neck to fit. Then decorate it with orange, black and white crayons or markers.

  • Get a pair of solid black or white tights. Plain black pants will also do.

  • Make a long narrow tail in fabric that matches your cat's color. Cut a long piece of fabric, double it over and sew it up halfway, stuff it with quilt batting or other stuffing, and sew it closed. Sew it to the seat of your child's tights, or attach it with a large safety pin near the waist where she won't sit on the pin.

  • Find a firm headband that's comfortable to wear that will support cat ears. Draw two triangular ears on construction paper the same color as your cat. Add an extra square at the bottom of each to attach to the headband. When they're finished, tape the ears to the bottom of the headband.

  • Give your child a triangle-shaped cat nose by applying pink marker or makeup to the nose. Use watercolors to paint black whiskers on either side of the face.

  • Finish the costume with black ballet slippers or shoes. Dark sneakers also work because they aren't that noticeable.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have a suitable top and can't get to a store for material, use a paper bag from the grocery. Cut it to fit and decorate it with the appropriate colors. For a big cat look, add store-bought plastic claws to your child's fingertips. If you want a spotted print like the coat of a cheetah, look for children's pajamas.

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