How to Produce a Customer Service Training Manual


Customer service is one of the elements of a company that cannot be underestimated. In the competitive world in which businesses operate, good customer service can have a large impact. Customers will likely be more willing to do business with companies that treat them well and make them feel valued. On the other hand, poor customer service can drive away would-be loyal customers in droves. If you manage a business, it is a good idea to produce a customer service training manual to help your employees excel in this area.

Things You'll Need

  • Customer service scenarios
  • Customer retention statistics
  • Steps of service
  • Scripts
  • Microsoft Word

How to Produce a Customer Service Training Manual

Define what good customer service should look like for your particular industry. The customer service provided by a credit card company service center is different from the service given by a restaurant server. By identifying the elements of service that are important for your business, you will be able to turn the elements into specific workable steps. Elements that you will likely include are prompt service, politeness and smiling.

Express the importance of good customer service to your business and inform the staff of the impact they have in the beginning of your manual. If you have statistics that show the percentage of your business that comes from repeat customers, include it. Thank your employees for their hard work and be positive. If you do not treat your employees well, chances are they will be less motivated to treat your customers well.

Offer real customer service scenarios that are likely to occur within your business. You may want to break this down into categories. For instance, if you own a store, your cashiers will face different customer service situations than your shelf stockers. When offering scenarios, you may want to create a positive and negative scenario and have the participants identify which is appropriate. It is a good idea to try to include every scenario you can think of to help train your people on customer service.

Break down your customer service expectations into simple actionable steps. For instance, step 1 could be, smile; step 2 could be, greet the customer or answer the phone within 30 seconds; step 3 could be to ask, "How can I be of assistance?" Create actionable steps for each scenario your employees will face so there will be no question when it comes to the type of response they should give.

Include a script when applicable. If you are training telephone service agents, you may want to develop a script for them to deal with common issues that they will most often encounter.

Type up all the elements of your customer service manual in a Word document and have it mass produced at a copy store such as Kinko’s.

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