How to Detox Yourself Off of Suboxone


Suboxone is a drug that patients are prescribed to wean them from opiate addiction. Suboxone is prescribed when patients are unable to withdraw from opiates on their own, or want as few side effects as possible. Suboxone contains one part Naloxone and four parts Buprenorphine, and was approved for opioid treatment in 2006. You cannot get Suboxone without a prescription. Before attempting to detox, speak to your doctor if you have suffered from an opiate addiction and are now trying to detox from Suboxone.

Things You'll Need

  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Varying dosage sizes of Suboxone prescribed by your doctor
  • Speak with your doctor. First and foremost, you and your doctor need to create a detox plan that will work for you and is also safe and healthy. Do not try to detox from Suboxone on your own or without your doctor's recommendation.

  • Wait two weeks before cutting down your dose of Suboxone. Your body needs a chance to adjust to the dose you are currently taking. You should be tapering down no more than 5 mg every two weeks. Your doctor can give you instructions that will work best for your personal health and body size.

  • Get a massage. Withdrawing from Suboxone can cause chills, muscle aches, restlessness and irritability. Curb these symptoms with a relaxing massage at least once a week while you are detoxing. The massages will help you relax and give you a reward to look forward to throughout your detox program.

  • Take your vitamins. Calcium, a multivitamin and vitamin C should be taken daily with a full glass of water each time. It is important to stay hydrated and full of vitamins, because Suboxone withdrawal causes extreme exhaustion and moodiness.

  • Take a hot bath every day. A hot bath is a therapeutic yet inexpensive way to relax and reward yourself at the end of the day.

Tips & Warnings

  • Detoxing from Suboxone at home is safe, but should still be done under a doctor's supervision.
  • Do not detox yourself from Suboxone without a doctor's recommendation and care.

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