How to Pressure Washing Trailers


this ehow shows you how to pressure wash tractor trailers. This is the method ive used for over 5 years to wash semi trucks and trailers efficiently on the weekends

Things You'll Need

  • 4 to 5 people
  • Pressure washer
  • washing detergent
  • 3 buckets
  • 1 small head truck wash brush
  • 2 large "floor brush sized" soft bristled brushes
  • extension poles for brushes
  • Step one to pressure washing trailers is to scope the layout of the trucks and trailers and come up with the most efficient way to go about washing them. If there all in a row with 2ft in between them ask if you can pull every other one out to help speed up the process and make more room for the brushers.

  • Step two to pressure washing trailers is to Set up your washing guys.
    One guy runs the pressure washer, 2 guys brush the sides and back of the trailers and one guy works on the cab and connecting front of the trailers. If you can get every other trailer pulled out start with the first cab and one side of the trailer, then have the back brushers move on to the same side of the pulled out trailer, then back to the unfinished side and back of the first trailer and start the next non moved out trailer in the same order. Have the cab guy do every cab in order.

  • Step three to pressure washing trailers is the rinse and soap guy. He has the hardest job. Have him presoak 2 trailers in advance come back and start to rinse , check for missed spots and do the tires and rims. Don't forget to bend over and get the upper not showing part rims.

Tips & Warnings

  • Not brushing wile cleaning trailers leaves brush marks and you can never get smoke stack marks out. Its much easier to use brushers to do a good joob instead of getting callbacks and loosing customers to people who do a better job.

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