How to Know If You're Ready to Move Out of Your Parent's House


Moving out brings a sense of independence and self-reliance, but only if you are ready for it. I moved out when I was 17. I wasn't ready to be out on my own, but I kept telling myself that anything had to be better than my parent's rules. Many teens leave the nest too early and it is a big mistake. You don't want to move out too early, but you don't want to be an adult living in your parent's basement either. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if you are ready to be on your own? If you answer any of these questions with "My parents will help with that" then you are definitely not ready to be out on your own.

  • How much money do I make?
    Even if you have a roommate, you will still have a ton of bills in your new rule free home. The rule that was always given to me is that your monthly income should be twice what your monthly rent is. If your rent is $600, then you should make at least $1200 a month in order to live there. Of course, you are not done. Rent, Electric, Water, Cell Phone, Home Phone, Internet, Cable, Car Payments, Car Insurance, and Loan Payments are all just possible bills.

  • Who buys your toilet paper?
    How much money do you have left after your bills? Okay, well that money has to go for toilet paper, personal hygiene products, groceries, laundry, and gas in your car or transportation to work, and house cleaning products.

  • Can you cook?
    If you can cook, then you are in good shape, but if you can't, then you need to learn. If you think that you are going to survive off of take out every day, you are crazy. Eating out is far more expensive than cooking your own food. I once had to eat ramen noodles for a week straight until payday because they only cost 10 cents a pack. Okay, they are fine for lunch, but when they are the only food in your house you feel a little less fond of them.

  • Chores
    Who does your laundry, washes the dishes, or cleans the house? If you are not used to doing those things, get ready. If you are moving out you will have to be fully functioning, even if you don't like it. It's easy to say "It's my house. I don't have to clean it if I don't want to." If you have that attitude now, you'll definitely lose it when you move out and get a roach infestation because your place is so filthy and disgusting.

  • Of all the things you think of, just remember that a new place may sound great and exciting, but sometimes it's a little more responsibility than we are ready to handle.

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