How to Make a Mold to Cast a Ring


Jewelry crafting triggers the mental image of beads on a string or a fine silversmith at work. Somewhere between the two extremes, you'll find fine jewelry, made at home. Making your own mold to cast a ring through lost-wax casting requires few items you wouldn't find in an ordinary house: Jeweler's wax and heat-resistant plaster are the only things you'll probably need to make a special trip to purchase.

Things You'll Need

  • Jeweler's wax
  • Wax carving tools
  • Metal flask or cup
  • Heat-resistant bowl wider than the flask
  • Heat-resistant plaster
  • Oven
  • Cut a ring-sized piece from the cylinder of jeweler's wax.

  • Carve the jeweler's wax into an exact replica of the ring shape you want to cast. Make sure to smooth away any rough edges.

  • Mount the wax ring you carved on a post or pillar of more jeweler's wax. It's okay to use a little bit of it to soften both pieces of wax where they join, then press them lightly together.

  • Double check to make sure the ring is properly shaped.

  • Hold your creation by the post and suspend it, ring down, in the metal flask. Pour heat-resistant plaster in around the ring and wait for it to harden.

  • Trim the protruding end off the wax post. Up-end the plaster-filled flask in another heat-resistant container. Place the whole contraption in the oven. The wax will melt out of the mold, leaving just the plaster mold behind with the exact shape of the wax ring you'd carved.

Tips & Warnings

  • The ring will be cast by filling the plaster mold with metal. Once the metal has cooled and hardened, you break the plaster away and cut away the post that was left over from the wax sculpturing.
  • Be careful when handling melted wax or metal.

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