How to Light Up a Fireplace Without Kindling


Kindling is very useful when it comes to starting a fire. The small branches of wood generally catch on fire relatively quickly and can be used to ignite larger pieces of wood as they burn. If you do not have any kindling available, do not worry. It may take a little bit more effort and creativity, but you can start a fire without the use of kindling. Follow the instructions in this article to find out how to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Starter log Newspaper Small logs Logs Lighter Match
  • Use a manufactured starter log in place of the kindling. Manufactured starter logs are wonderful because they are designed to quickly catch fire once lit with a match, piece of newspaper or lighter. They produce a decent-sized fire. When placed beneath or between larger logs of wood, starter logs will help them catch on fire by slowly burning. You can purchase boxes of these logs at hardware stores such as Ace Hardware and use them as often as you need to in place of kindling.

  • Roll up newspaper and use it in place of kindling. Take individual pages of newspaper and roll them up into tight bunches so they are a similar size to thin pieces of kindling. You will want to roll up 15 to 20 pieces of newspaper for optimal effectiveness. Place the rolled pieces beneath the log holder in your fireplace and beneath and between your wood logs as well. Light the paper with a lighter or match and wait for it to ignite the logs. You may need to add more paper if the first batch does not do the job. Keep an eye on the fireplace and carefully slide more rolled up paper pieces beneath the log holder if necessary. It is a good idea to keep the fire place covered with a screen when you aren't adding paper to prevent any small pieces of burning paper from flying out.

  • Use small logs to help start the fire. While you may not have kindling, small logs can be used to help start a fire as well. Use paper beneath the small logs and wait for them to ignite before adding larger pieces of wood.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that the wood you are using in your fireplace is completely dry. Even slightly damp wood will fail to ignite. You will want to store your wood in a covered area such as a garage or beneath a tarp to prevent dampness.

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