How to Remove Seized Rotors on the Back of a Dodge Caravan


It was supposed to be an easy brake job except the rear rotor on your Dodge Caravan does not seem to want to come off. There's a few tricks to try out before you have to put everything back together and call in the cavalry. Most likely, if you have the tools to take the wheels off and try to remove the rotor, you already have some technical know-how and most likely have some other tools to make the rotor comply. If you're removing a seized rotor from the rear hub on a Dodge Caravan, replace the rotor with a new one. They're cheap enough and chances are you're going to incur damage to the rotor in the removal process.

Things You'll Need

  • Floor jack Jack stand Wheel chock 1/2-inch drive breaking bar 1/2-inch drive socket set 1/2-inch drive ratchet C-clamp Bungee cord Flathead screwdriver Ball peen hammer Handheld portable propane torch (optional) Medium grade sand paper or emery cloth Anti-seize lubricant
  • Park the Dodge Caravan on a level paved or concrete surface.

  • Place a wheel chock in front of one of the front tires.

  • Break the lug nuts loose on the rear tires.

  • Lift one side of the rear axle of the Caravan using the floor jack and place a jack stand under the rear axle.

  • Remove the lug nuts and tire.

  • Remove the caliper bolts using the ratchet and a socket. Remove the pads from the caliper starting with the outboard pad and pry it from the caliper housing with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the inboard pad and compress the piston of the caliper in using the C-clamp. Replace the pads. Hang the caliper to the frame using the bungee cord.

  • Remove the caliper anchor bolts using the ratchet and a socket.

  • Remove any retaining rings on the hub of the rotor around the studs. Pry them off with the screwdriver and discard them. You will not need them for reinstallation.

  • Strike the fin of the rotor on the edge using the ball peen hammer. Spin the rotor and strike it often and from the inside of the tire well moving out. Use as much force as necessary. If the rotor still does not want to come off (rare cases) light up the portable propane torch and apply a liberal amount of heat to the hub of rotor around the lug studs and strike with the hammer to shock it from the hub.

  • Sand down the hub facing with a medium grade sandpaper or emery cloth once the rotor has been removed and the hub has cooled down if you had to use the torch. Sand down the edges of the hub as well.

  • Apply a light coat of anti-seize lubricant to the edge of the hub and this will help in the future when the rotor needs to be removed again for whatever reason.

  • Replace the parts in reverse procedure and repeat the steps for the other side.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to pump the foot brake pedal to restore hydraulic pressure back to the caliper pistons when you're done. Check and adjust the brake fluid level in the master cylinder. It is also recommended to torque the lug nuts on the tires of the Caravan in an alternate fashion at 100 foot pounds.

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