How to Troubleshoot a Chevrolet Camaro Fuel System


A Chevrolet Camaro is expected to perform with power. So if there is any problems in the fuel system, you'll know it from the drop in engine performance. If the Camaro's engine doesn't start, runs rough, hesitates or stalls out, look over the fuel delivery system. There are multiple areas in the system to troubleshoot, including the fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator. The fuel system is highly pressurized. You must relieve that pressure before doing anything else.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel Fuel pressure gauge Fuel line quick-connect separator
  • Release the fuel system's pressure before troubleshooting the system. Unhook the battery's negative cable and twist off the fuel fill cap. Lay a towel over the fuel pressure valve fitting to guard yourself from a spray of pressurized fuel.

  • Check for fuel in the vacuum line on the fuel pump pressure regulator by disconnecting it from the regulator. The presence of fuel in the line means the problem is probably a fuel pump pressure regulator. Replace the regulator if this is the case. Reconnect the vacuum line and test the fuel delivery if you see no fuel in the line.

  • Remove the test port cap from the fuel pressure valve and attach a fuel pressure test gauge into the valve. If the gauge needle doesn't instantly show at least 40 pounds per square inch, check the fuel filter next. Remove the gauge and replace the test port cap.

  • Remove the fuel filter, which is located on the pipe in front of the rear axle, to inspect it. Remove either of the filter's quick connect fittings with a fuel line quick-connect separator tool set and take the filter off its mounting bracket. Replace the filter if it is clogged or been used for 15,000 miles. When reinstalling the filter, torque its outlet fitting to 22 foot pounds.

  • Replace the fuel pump if the filter is in good condition.

  • Re-pressurize the fuel system after inspecting everything and replacing what is needed. Connect the negative battery cable, turn the ignition switch to the on position for 2 seconds, then turn off for 10 seconds. Repeat at least three to five times. Check for any fuel leaks before starting up the engine.

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