How to Build a Homemade Water Purification System

Making a home water purification system can be tricky. It is impossible to know if all contaminants have been removed just by looking at the treated water. However, it certainly is possible to make a water purification system at home if you desire to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Water Heatproof container Chlorine Iodine Store-bought filter


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      Determine what contaminants are present in your water. The only way to do this is through chemical analysis. This step is very important in determining what type of home filtration method is the most appropriate. There are two types of pollutants that can contaminate water: biological contaminants and chemical contaminants. Water that is chemically contaminated should not be used for household purposes.

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      Familiarize yourself with the basic methods of home water purification. There are two basic methods: boiling and chemical treatment and filtration.

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      Learn about the boiling method. Boiling is the most assured method of treating biologically contaminated water. Boiling water at 160 degrees F kills all pathogens with in 30 minutes. Increasing the temperature to 180 degrees F can kill microorganisms within minutes.

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      Consider chemical treatments There are two to choose from: iodine and chlorine. Iodine is generally considered more effective, but many people are allergic to Iodine and cannot use it as a means of water purification. Read the directions on the label carefully. Chemical treatments have an expiration date and are rendered ineffective if they are not used in a timely fashion.

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      Deliberate chlorine treatment. This can be used if an individual is allergic to iodine, though there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when using this method, such as water temperature, sediment level and contact time. It is also important to keep in mind that chlorine, when used for a long period of time or used incorrectly, is a toxic substance.

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      Study the filtration method. There are many products on the market that filter water for microorganisms. They are rated by the size of the organisms they have the ability to filter out. You must know what organisms are present in the water in order to choose the most effective filter.

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