How to Get Rid of a Sinus Cold Fast


The pounding headache in the center of your forehead, a sore throat, a nagging cough and mountains of tissues might be an indication that you have a sinus infection. This malady is very much like a cold with annoying symptoms that can last for weeks. A sinus cold, also called sinusitis, occurs when the nasal passages and sinuses become inflamed. Sinusitis results from an imbalance of the bacteria in your nasal passages that normally fight invading bacteria. The result can be uncomfortable, painful pressure around the eyes and cheekbones, a persistent cough and a near constant stuffy nose. A sinus cold may include fever as well as coughs producing phlegm. Here are some helpful remedies to improve the condition fast.

Things You'll Need

  • Tissues
  • Neti pot
  • Facial steamer
  • Expectorant cough syrup
  • Oral decongestants

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Include warm drinks, such as tea, to help soothe your sore throat. Hydrating your body aids in recovery by helping your system flush bacteria.

Use the Neti pot to rinse your sinus passages twice a day. A Neti pot can be purchased at any pharmacy. This sinus cleansing pot uses a mixture of warm water and mild saline to rinse your sinus passages. This all-natural method will help speed along the sinus cold. Make sure to blow your nose thoroughly after rinsing your sinuses. See additional Resources below for information on how to use a Neti pot.

Steam your sinuses using a facial steamer. A facial steamer concentrates the humidity right into your nasal passages as you breathe the steam in and out. To loosen your congestion, steam your sinuses two to three times a day for 15 minutes for best results. A steamer is available at the drug store and costs about $30.

Take frequent hot showers, letting the water flow onto your face and head. The steam will help break up your congestion and the hot water will also help ease any headache or facial pain associated with the sinus cold.

Place hot compresses on your forehead a few times a day to relieve face and head pain. If the compresses aren't hot enough, fill a hot water bottle with hot tap water and place a wet washcloth on your forehead under the water bottle.

Take over-the-counter medications to ease your cough and congestion. Cough syrup that contains expectorants will help loosen your chest congestion. Decongestant will also help alleviate some of the symptoms of nasal congestion. Remember that you want to remove as much mucus as possible, so combine medication use with steaming and the Neti pot to help get rid of your sinus cold fast.

Know when to see your doctor. Continued sinus pain requires an examination and treatment by a physician.

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