How to Develop a Comprehensive Management Training Program


A business should have a comprehensive management training program in place in order to ensure its successful day-to-day operations. Managers play an integral role within every organization, being the eyes and ears for the owners or shareholders, and an important contact for customers. With a comprehensive management training program, you can be sure that your managers have the essential skills they need to keep your business running smoothly.

How to Develop a Comprehensive Management Training Program

Gather the job descriptions for each management role within your company. You may have different levels of management, or managers who serve in different capacities within your organization. Collect job descriptions for every management position.

Create a survey for the current managers that serve your company. Ask them to provide feedback on your management training program. Are there certain responsibilities for which they feel they were not adequately prepared? Ask them what they feel the most essential roles are for their positions. This will help you know what material you should emphasize most in training.

Make a list of objectives, using the job descriptions and survey results that you collected. Make a list of every skill that a manager within your company needs to possess in order to be successful. Be sure to think about background knowledge that not every new employee will have. For example, you may be hiring some new managers from a competitor and others from a completely different industry. Your new employees who lack industry experience will need additional training beyond what those already familiar with the industry will require.

Organize your learning objectives into categories. Your categories will include such areas as day-to-day responsibilities, company policies, employee management and industry information. You may have other categories, depending on the nature of your business.

Identify training techniques most appropriate for each training category. Industry information may be best presented by the company president in a group format. Company policies would be best administered through written documentation, and by having the new managers sign a statement saying that they have read and understand the policies. Training for day-to-day responsibilities would be best conducted through job shadowing. Determine how you will conduct training for each category.

Determine a logical order in which your training should be administered. General company policies and industry information should be given first, and more complex information should be given later in the training process. Job shadowing to learn day-to-day responsibilities is typically conducted as one of the final stages of training, for example, because it requires the application of more general knowledge that should be given first.

Develop a plan for assessing how well your management trainees have absorbed the information presented to them through training. You could decide to administer a written exam at the end of training, for example, to confirm that your new managers are proficient in key areas.

Decide who will administer each area of training. You may have a different trainer assigned to different areas, and you may even bring in an outside expert to talk about management skills. Be sure you have included a backup plan for each training area, in case your original trainer is unavailable.

Create a time line for training. Outline what areas will be covered at what intervals. You may have training needs that include more advanced training 6 months after a new manager starts, and you'll want to incorporate those needs into your plan.

Tips & Warnings

  • You'll want to reevaluate your training procedures at least annually. Market conditions change and policies within your organization may change, leading you to reassign roles. This information should be taken into consideration so that you will continue to have a comprehensive management training program.

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