How to Set a Wind Up Alarm Clock


Wind-up alarm clocks have a certain charm. The sound they make -- tick, tock, tick, tock -- brings back feelings of a less stressful time. You can use them anywhere, and you don't have to recharge them. If you're concerned that the electricity might go off while you sleep, and you absolutely, positively cannot be late for your morning appointment, use a wind-up alarm clock. It will tick-tock right through a power outage and ring its alarm to wake you up on time.

  • Look at the back of the clock. There will be two buttons and two wind-up keys. Some clocks may have a single wind-up key for both the alarm and clock functions.

  • Set the clock time. Use the button labeled "Clock" to move the hour and minute hands to set the clock to the current, correct time.

  • Wind the clock. Use the wind-up key labeled "Clock," and turn it clockwise until it stops. Once it stops, do not force it to turn or it will break.

  • Set the alarm. Use the button labeled "Alarm" to move the thin third clock hand to set the alarm. If you want the alarm to go off at 7 a.m., move the small hand so it is exactly on the number 7. If you want the alarm to go off at 7:30 a.m., move the small hand so it is halfway between numbers 7 and 8.

  • Wind the alarm. Use the wind-up key labeled "Alarm." Turn it clockwise until it stops. Do not try to force it to turn once wound.

  • Activate the alarm. On many wind-up alarm clocks, the alarm is set by pulling out the button that is used to set the time the alarm will go off. On some models, there is a separate button, usually labeled "Alarm," which should be pulled out to set the alarm. This button may be located on the top of the clock.

Tips & Warnings

  • There is no a.m. or p.m. on a wind-up alarm clock. If you go to bed at 6:30 p.m. and set the alarm for 7:30, you'll only get one hour of sleep.
  • On some wind-up alarms, you'll find a picture of a clock instead of the word "Clock" and a picture of a bell instead of the word "Alarm."
  • Some clock models have a lever to regulate the alarm sound.

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