How to Change a Volvo Door Lock


Before replacing a Volvo door lock, it is a good idea to take the door lock cylinder to the parts department at the dealer or to a locksmith and have the cylinder coded to accept the original key. It only takes a few minutes and doesn't cost much. It is better than having two different keys for the front doors. The only other option is to get a set of cylinders from the dealer at a much higher cost with a key that is common to both cylinders.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver Common screwdriver Long needlenose pliers Standard pair of pliers
  • Remove the door panel by removing the Phillips screws in the arm rest and the door handle. Remove the screws around the circumference of the door panel. Some years had one on both sides and two on the bottom. Remove the plastic cover that conceals the mounting surface for the outside mirror. Insert the common screwdriver between the door panel and the door. Pry out the snaps around the circumference of the door which hold the door panel on.

  • Tilt the bottom of the door outward just enough to release the top door sill from the horizontal ledge next to the window. Pull the door away just enough to unsnap the retainers holding the door latch rod and the door lock rod onto the door handle. Disconnect all electrical connectors from the door panel.

  • Remove the rod from the outside door lock mechanism. The window must be all the way up to access the lock. Use the needlenose pliers to unsnap the little plastic retainer from the rod running down from the door lock to the door latch. Remove the rod and the electrical connector from the lock.

  • Remove the spring clip the holds the door lock cylinder in. It is shaped like a "C" and spans both sides of the lock cylinder. To remove it, use the common pliers to grab the bent tab at the top of the spring clip and lift up, and it will slide out.

  • Install the new lock, insert the spring clip from the top and push down. Install the electrical connector and the door lock rod into the hole in the door lock. Snap the plastic retainer clip back over the rod so it cannot come out. Install all components in reverse order of removal.

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