How to Build a Plexiglas Bird Cage

Build a Plexiglas Bird Cage
Build a Plexiglas Bird Cage (Image: Tami Parrington)

Plexiglas bird cages are an interesting concept for bird owners. Anyone who has a pet bird has probably been frustrated by how difficult it is to watch the antics of their pets through wire. Plexiglas solves that problem; however, it can create a different set of issues. Keep the bird's natural instincts and ease of care at the top of mind to ensure a successful project. Careful planning makes Plexiglas a nice option for owners, and gives birds a "room with a view".

Things You'll Need

  • Plexiglas sheeting
  • Drill
  • Drill bits for plastic and metal
  • 2 hinges
  • Clasp
  • Screwdriver
  • Scotch tape

Use Plexiglas only on the front side of your bird cage. A tightly sealed Plexiglas container is inappropriate for live animals because it won't allow enough airflow and circulation. Many birds, like parrots, also need ample wire walls to climb on. Wire areas are also required to hang feed and water containers.

Purchase a sheet of Plexiglas that is the exact size of the front panel of your bird cage. Buy a set of thin hinges that will fit on the front of your existing cage support frame. They should be small enough for an unimpeded view. Buy a clasp that will allow you to lock the Plexiglas shut on the opposite side from the hinges. Because a Plexiglas front will not have a door opening, the entire piece becomes the door for your cage.

Remove the front panel of your existing bird cage. Place the hinges in the appropriate area along the left side of the support bar and mark the screw openings. Use a drill fitted with a metal drill bit to create screw holes for your hinges. Place the Plexiglas sheet on top of the cage and mark the screw hole points on its surface with a marker. Place the Plexiglas on a firm drilling surface. Place a piece of Scotch tape over the drilling area to keep the Plexiglas from shattering when drilled. Use a regular drill bit to create screw holes for your hinges.

Place the gate clasp on the cage on the right hand side and mark the areas for drilling. Use the metal drill bit to create screw holes for the clasp. Place your Plexiglas sheet on the cage opening once more and mark the screw points for the clasp. Cover the area to be drilled with tape and drill the holes.

Attach all hardware to the cage first. Place the Plexiglas on the opening and screw firmly to the hinges. Attach the clasp.

Prepare the cage so that all branches and perches are positioned side to side. Insert toys, feed cups and dishes, and place your bird inside its new home.

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