How to Make a Robot Box Mask


A cardboard box can serve as the excellent capper to a robot costume for Halloween or a similar costumed event. You can build one fairly easily using a few standard household items. Moreover, a robot box mask can make a fun arts and crafts project for your kids, allowing them to enjoy the creation of the costume as much as wearing it and giving them a certain pride of ownership that no store-bought costume could ever provide.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box Scissors See-through cellophane or mylar 2 pipe cleaners 2 Ping-Pong balls Aluminum foil Glue Duct tape Magic marker
  • Choose a cardboard box big enough to fit your child's head comfortably. (It shouldn't be unduly larger than his head, however, or else it will ruin the effect.)

  • Cut the flaps off of the bottom of the box, then measure the spots on the front corresponding to your child's eyes. Mark those spots with a magic marker.

  • Cut a hole for your child's eyes in the spots you have marked. You can cut two separate eye holes or one long rectangular box to give it a more mechanical feel. If you're really feeling ambitious, then cut a series of mechanical slits where the child's mouth will go.

  • Glue a piece of see-through mylar or cellophane to the inside of the box over the eye holes. This gives the box mask an increased robotic look while still allowing your child to see.

  • Glue aluminum foil over the entire surface of the box, cutting holes corresponding to the eye holes and mouth holes. Use a magic marker to draw mechanical facial features and maybe a few knobs and buttons on the sides of the mask as you see fit.

  • Mark two spots on the top of the box for antennas. Punch a pair of pipe cleaners up through the spots, leaving about an inch or so of each cleaner below the surface. Fold that inch until it is flush with the box top, then secure both pipe cleaners to the inside of the box with duct tape.

  • Punch a Ping-Pong ball through the top of each pipe cleaner to complete the antenna's look.

  • Make a duct-tape "helmet" by wrapping strips of it around your child's head, sticky side up. Cover his entire head above the tips of the ears, then add a second layer of sticky-side-up duct tape on top of that. Place the duct tape helmet on the inside of the robot box mask and stick it to the sides. When your child wears the mask, he'll now be able to turn his head from side to side.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't want to use aluminum foil, you can try painting the box with silver spray paint. Do this as soon as you have selected the box--before taking any other steps--and wait for it to thoroughly dry before proceeding. You can still draw knobs and buttons on it if you wish.
  • This robot box helmet provides no peripheral vision. Have your child remove it before crossing the street and put it on again once he has reached the other side.

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