How to Jump Start a Truck Battery


When you have to jump start a truck, whether it be a large trailer, a moving truck, or even just a large SUV or pickup truck, the process is slightly different. You generally won't have much success jump starting a large truck using a small compact car because the battery is less powerful. If you keep the right tools on you at all times and know the logical steps for getting your truck started back up in case of a drained battery, this very common automobile annoyance won't be too much trouble for you in the future.

Things You'll Need

  • Jumper cables
  • Truck battery charger
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ask someone with another large truck or van to give you a jump start; preferably a vehicle that is bigger than yours. This is because most trucks and vans have more powerful batteries as compared to cars.

  • Park the other truck facing and adjacent to your truck so that the two batteries are closest to each other. If you can't, most jumper cables are long enough to accommodate two trucks that are parked right next to each other.

  • Turn off the other truck and remove the keys from both trucks. Grab your jumper cables (with your rubber gloves on, if possible) and connect the positive (red) side of one of the connectors to the red side of your truck battery. Then connect the negative (black) side to the other side of the battery. The red and black sides of the battery are usually designated by color or with a positive or negative sign.

  • While assuring that you keep the other two connectors completely separated, bring them over to the other truck and do the same thing (red to red/positive side and black to black/negative side).

  • Have the other truck owner get in and start his truck up. Allow the truck to run for a few minutes, and then have the other truck owner rev the engine a few times.

  • Get in your truck and start it up.

  • Purchase a truck battery charger. Make sure that the product specifically states "truck" as some chargers don't come with enough power to give a truck a jump start. You can get these at your local auto parts store, at a trucking service station, or online.
    Remove the keys from the truck.

  • Connect the positive connection to the red side of your truck battery, then the negative side. Turn on the battery charger and allow it to charge up for a few minutes.

  • Ask a friend to hold the battery charger up so that it won't fall from its position. Get into the truck and start it up.


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