How to Spot Real Paranormal Activity in a House


You may believe in it or not, but there are some people who experience real paranormal activity in their homes. I personally grew up in a haunted house and my family and I experienced several things that just could not be explained. If you think that your house might be haunted, there are several things that you can do to spot real paranormal activity in a home.

  • The first step you can take to spot real paranormal activity in a house is to look for cold spots. Many people who live in haunted houses report areas of unexplained coldness or cold spots in their homes. If you have one of these areas, look around to make sure that it is just not a draft coming from a window or door. If you cannot find an explanation for the cold spot, you could have some paranormal activity going on. If you discover that it is just a leaky window, at least you can fix it and save on your energy bills.

  • Next, try taking a look at your photographs for real paranormal activity. Do you have strange images that show up in them that you cannot explain such as orbs, lights, or images of people? Try to recreate the picture. Some orbs can be explained away as dust. To be positive, make sure that your camera lens and flash are clean. Did you see a strange light or image? Make sure that it is not light reflecting off of a mirror or picture frame.

  • Did you ever think that you heard or saw something that was not there? Do you think you've seen objects move on there own or walk into a room to find a chair a few feet from where you know you left it? If it happens about the same time every day, try setting up a tape recorder or voice recorder. Many people trying to spot true paranormal activity in their house have done this and were shocked to hear voices or see images on recordings.

  • Find out the history of the house. If something tragic happened in or around your home, it might be ripe for paranormal activity. A lot of homes in the South are haunted by Civil War ghosts. They report soldiers showing up in photographs and sounds of battle or singing in the night.

  • Have you actually seen a ghost? This is real paranormal activity that cannot be explained by anything else. Ask other family members if they have seen the same thing. My mother was shocked to find out that two of my brothers have seen the same man wearing a brown suit in our home after she finally saw him herself one night. We found out that a previous owner had died of a heart attack in the kitchen one morning... wearing his brown suit for work.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you really think that something paranormal is going on, don't be scared to ask a family member if they are experiencing the same thing.
  • When listening to a voice recorder, make sure that it is on high volume. That is usually the only way to hear paranormal activity.

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