How to Do a Sew-in Hair Weave

Sew in hair weaves has been around for a long time. It enables women a way to change their look very easy. A lot of people sew in hair weaves differently. I know various ways to sew in hair weaves. So if you need further assistance with your sew in hair weave. I will be happy to answer your concerns.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair needle
  • 1 pk of synthetic braid hair
  • Hair Thread
  • A Rat tail comb
  • Hair clamps
  • Hair clips
  • Braiding skills
  • Hair Weft


    • 1
      Sew in clean hair

      In order to have the best sew in hair weave. You will want to shampoo and blow dry the hair of your client. This will enable your client to get the best amount of wear for her sew in hair weave.

    • 2
      Section off client hair for sew in

      Part the client's hair into two sections. Use your clamp or clip to hold the hair in place.

    • 3

      You will need to attach some synthetic braid hair, to secure the client's hair for the sew in. Thread your hair needle, with the hair thread for your sew in hair weave. Attach sew in hair weft to your clients hair.

    • 4

      Begin sewing in the hair weft by weaving in and out. You will need to ensure the hair weft is secured to the client's hair and complete the same process throughout the entire head.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your client is going to wear her sew in hair different hair styles, you will want to corn row braid her hair in sections.
  • If your client is going to wear her sew in hair in one hair style, you will want to corn row braid her hair straight back.
  • Avoid getting the needle to close to clients scalp
  • Avoid putting hair lotion on the hair while braiding
  • Don't let client wear sew in hair weave over 2 months
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