How to Earn Free Comps in Las Vegas

Earn Free Comps in Las Vegas
Earn Free Comps in Las Vegas

What's better than a Las Vegas vacation? A free Las Vegas vacation of course! My guide will show you how to earn and get free stuff (comps) from the casinos at Las Vegas!

The key to earning free comps from Las Vegas is to get your name into the casino database. If you don't mind getting some advertising emails from the various casinos, one of the easiest way to get free rooms or at least promotion offers is to sign up on their emailing list. Just by doing that, you are well on you way to earning free comps in Las Vegas, especially during the slower months where the casinos are trying to get people to go gamble and spend.

The next thing to do when you are in Las Vegas is to get a Player's Club card for all the casinos that you like. The amount of comps a casino will give out is straightly based on the calculation of amount of bets per hand x length of play. The higher this value, the more comps you will earn, plain and simple. Keep in mind that the more expensive casinos (Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn, etc.) have a $25 per hand minimum policy towards point counting system, meaning if you are betting $10 per hand, you will never earn comps. However, $10 per hand will work in almost anywhere else.

The whole scoring system is performed by the pit boss, so be nice to him/her. They have the latitude to give you a high amount per hand count meaning you will earn more comps faster. Even though you don't have to loss money to earn free comps in Las Vegas, making it seem like you are losing sure wouldn't hurt your chances. When you sit down at a game table, always buy in with as much money as possible. It doesn't mean you have to play it all. Say you plan to play with $200, buy it with $400 or more, and just put the money back into your pocket. When the pitboss is looking, try to bet a higher amount than usual because that's what he uses to count your points. As I play and win, I like to put the chips back in my pocket to make it seem like I'm not winning.

Slow down the pace of the game whenever you can. Remember the longer you play, you more comps you will earn. Order a few drinks and sit out a few hands. The drinks are free anyways! Once in a while, ask the pitboss the average bet amount per hand he's counting you for. If it's higher than your actual bet, great, if it's lower, let him know to correct it.

After a couple hours of playing, it's probably time for a meal. As the pit boss to see if he can comp you a free meal. Chances are you haven't gambled enough to earn the free meal just yet. If that's the case, ask him for a line pass to the buffet or other restaurant, this alone can save you half and hour to an hour of wait time at the good buffets.

After your trip and if you followed the steps above, you should already begin to receive room and meal offers through the mail. Use them, take another trip back and repeat the same steps again and again. You will see that you offers will get better and better. I can tell you that I gamble only $10-25 per hand playing pai gow poker (very even game) for 3-4 hours each trip, most of the time I break even. I get free room offers with food credit in the mail non-stop from 3 to 4 different Las Vegas casinos. But I must warn you, once you start getting free rooms, you will never want to pay for a hotel room again!

Tips & Warnings

  • If you like slot machines, remember to put the player's club card in before you spin.
  • Don't gamble just so you can earn free comps, gamble to have fun and the free comps will come.

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