How to Make a Real Sword


Creating a sword is a unique and fun experience. By designing your own sword you not only get to add a piece of your personality to the end product, but you also attain bragging rights. With enough practice you can even become skilled enough to sell them yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Fire pit
  • Wood burning kit (optional)
  • Wood
  • Non-hardened steel bar, six inches longer than desired sword length
  • Metal clamp
  • Pencil
  • Two wood blocks, each two inches longer than desired handle length
  • Band saw
  • Rough and smooth files
  • Long-handled pliers
  • Tall bucket, as long as sword
  • Wet/dry paper
  • Epoxy glue
  • Build a fire. You can do this in a BBQ grill with charcoal or in an outdoor fire pit with wood. You can also use the burner on the stove, but keep in mind it may take a while, and you should keep any children away.

  • Place the steel bar into the fire. Make sure it is completely buried. If it is on the stove, simply place it over the burner.

  • Keep the bar in the fire until the fire has gone out and cooled down. If it is on the stove, keep it there until it turns bright red. Turn the stove off and let it sit until cool.

  • Use a pencil or marker to draw the sword outline on the steel. Do not forget to draw the tang as well. The tang is the part of the sword that makes the handle.

  • Cut out the shape with a hacksaw or band saw. Smooth the rough edges using a file. Once the edges are smooth, use the file to shape the sword.

  • Reheat the blade. Leave the end sticking out from the wood. When it becomes red, remove it with the pliers and plunge it into a bucket of water. The blade should stay in the water until it cools.

  • Heat the blade again by burying it in the wood or by placing it on the stove top. If buried in wood or coal, leave the tip out. Watch the tip carefully, and as soon as it turns blue, remove it. Place it in the water with the tip pointing down and move it up and down. It should remain in the water until cool. Clean the sword with wet and dry paper.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use an acid pen to draw a design or write your name on the sword.
  • Use tepid water. Water that is too hot or cold will damage the metal.

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